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The professionals of Ingatlan Group Consulting Ltd. are dealing with property management for years, through managing office buildings, industrial properties, business offices, subdivisions, hotels and other kinds of residential real estates.

Our company provides full managing of the property, technical supervision and servicing, office routine in Hungarian public authorities. With our contributory experts we do participate in sparks even before the takeover of the property. In case of necessity, our partner can be represented by us in front of the Hungarian authorities. For the sake of proper management of all activity related to property management, experts are at our service, doing a great job in completing legal, technical and financial tasks.

After contracting we review all valid contracts deeply, and as a result we might make a proposal to take steps for a possible cost reduction. We regularly check and assess the technical situation of the building.

Our company takes care for the tenants' contracts and contract modifications. Technical requirements of tenants are met in the shortest and cheapest, but the most adequate way.
Through our developed contact system at banking industry we confidently ensure our partner's financial representation.

Ingatlan Group Consulting Ltd. emphasizes to inform investors frequently regarding the management of their property. For the efficiency of our co-operation - accordingly, in the native language of our partner - we send detailed monthly reports of debit and credit in the completed month respectively, of any other topicality or diversity.

Management of so numerous real estates can be efficient only if we are intent on being precise, trustful and proficient.

Szakonyi Péter
managing director

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